Old Newton Methodist Church

          The Lighthouse Gang

Lighthouse Gang

The Lighthouse Gang meets on Sunday mornings from 10.30 until 12 noon.

It is a club for children over three years of age. who are a valued part of our Church family.

At the moment we are rather short of youngsters at our club and would be delighted to welcome more.  The following piece describes the activities we have engaged in with the children recently and show what we would provide for your family if you choose to join with us or bring the children.  You would be most welcome.

When the children arrive in the hall they play together with some of the toys and games set out for them.  We then sort out which percussion instruments we are going to use and take them into the Chapel when we join the adults for the first part of the morning service.  This part of the service is designed with the whole church family in mind so it is very child-friendly with lively songs they know and enjoy and which they can accompany with their instruments.  There is usually a story, talk or demonstration which the children can often help with, simple prayers and modern, lively versions of the Lord's Prayer with actions.

After the session the children return to the hall where we have songs, stories and activities all designed to open the Bible for the children and help them get to know and love Jesus and other Bible characters.

Here are some of the projects we have done:

We learned about how Noah trusted God and built a huge ark to save his family and animals even though was no sign of rain at the time.  We made this picture of the animals going into the ark:

Noah's Ark

When we learned about Joseph and his brothers we made this picture of Joseph looking rather boastful in his special coat:

Joseph's Coat

We found out about the country and customs that Jesus experienced as he grew up in Palestine.  We made a model of the village in Nazareth:

Nazareth Model

and dressed up in the sort of clothes that were worn then.

Dressing Up

We took part in the village fete and made the Queen of Hearts for the scarecrow competition.

The Queen of Hearts

Several times in the year we have Family Services in which the children love to part.


Mothering Sunday 1

Mothering Sunday 2


During Lent we learn about the last weeks of Jesus' life, his death and resurrection and each week add symbols to the Lenten Cross.

Lenten Cross

We make palm leaves to spread in the Chapel on Palm Sunday.

On Easter Sunday we take the symbols from the cross and bring in flowers to make it beautiful.

Easter Cross

And, of course, we enjoy our Easter Eggs!!

Easter Eggs

The Church Anniversary

Church Anniversary 1

Church Anniversary 2

Shoebox Sunday

Towards the end of November the whole church family bring in shoeboxes full of goodies to give to Operation Christmas Child to distribute to children in Africa, eastern Europe or Asia.  This is our 'Love in a Box' which we send to let them know that they are all loved and prayed for.Shoebox Sunday 1

We light our Advent Crown each week in Advent,

Advent Crown

decorate the Chrismon Tree,

Chrismon Tree

play with the nativity people,

Nativity Set

and put on our own Nativity Play.

Nativity Play